Terms of payments

Terms of payments for renting virtual and dedicated servers.


Payment for server rental should be paid in equal shares, according to the accepted tariffs.

Payment is made in advance. The payment period is one calendar month. Payment is made through acquiring provided by our service in your account or by payment of a non-cash account.

No commission or transfer fees. Payment is made in RUB or USD.

Delayed (delayed) payment of equipment for 15 calendar days. After that, access to the equipment is blocked. After the hardware is locked, copies of virtual servers are stored for another 60 calendar days.

All user data from dedicated servers in 15 days after blocking is copied to removable media, after another 15 calendar days the server is deleted, and the data is stored for another 60 calendar days. Thus, the delay is 30 calendar days until the server is deleted and 90 calendar days for storing a copy of the data.

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